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The Official Imperial Age Webshop. We Ship Globally.

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The Official Imperial Age Webshop. We Ship Globally.

Help Us Release All Our Albums on Vinyl for the First Time Ever!

We need to sell £6,000 worth of LPs in order to release "New World", "The Legacy of Atlantis" and "Turn the Sun Off!" on vinyl - for the first time ever!

21 pre-orders worth £630 placed out of £6,000 Goal

14 Days Left

Imperial Age Vinyls. For the first Time Ever. All 3 Albums. Signed. 

Since the very beginning of this band we have been asked the same question over and over again: "When will you release your music on vinyl?". Well, the time has come - it is NOW! But we need YOUR help to get it going!

We made our first attempt at releasing vinyls during the New World Crowdfunding, but then we had to move 3 countries in a year and eventually could not do it - and refunded those of you who asked for it (separate bow to those of you who did not).

But now that we are more or less established here in the UK, we have found a producer who can print our vinyls at a good price and fast - in just 2 months as opposed to the regular 6-9 months.

They are ready to produce and ship our order by the end of July 2024

​And this is where we need your help.

As you probably know, vinyls are very expensive and take many months to produce, so it is always a lot of money upfront and a lot of time. On top of this, vinyl records require separate, special mastering (the sound is different than on CDs).

To make this workable and to be able to give you an adequate price, we need to place a large bulk order with the factory. Otherwise the price of each item is too high (thats the issue with all vinyls).

​And so, to make this happen, we decided to launch a pre-order campaign to release ALL 3 of our albums on vinyl for the first time ever: New World, The Legacy of Atlantis and Turn the Sun Off!.

Those of you who pre-order now will be the first holders of the first pressing of the first edition Imperial Age vinyl releases, ever

And of course, we will sign your copy!

How much is needed?

In order to print & ship a minimum batch we need £6,000 (€7,000 / $7,500)

At the moment we are not able to front this amount of cash.  But its just 200 vinyls to pre-order! To compare: we have sold more than 5,000 CDs of our latest album "New World" to date. We have more than 44,000 subscribers on our mailing list - surely 200 sales is not a problem?

If all those who were asking about vinyls pre-order their copies now, we can have this going in a matter of hours :)

What if we don't get enough money?

Its very simple: if we don't raise £6,000 within 7 days, we refund everyone who made a pre-order. Just like Kickstarter. We can't release with less than that. 

But we hope that this will not be an issue - its only 200 vinyls to pre-order, while we are selling thousands of CDs. And we are sure that many of you would like not just 1, but all 3 vinyls :)

​And of course all vinyls will be SIGNED!

​Choose you vinyl and place your pre-order:



As 100% independent full-time musicians, we rely solely on YOU - our Fans, to release our music and to make things work! Thanks to YOU we are here, capable of doing Music - and trying to make the world at least a little bit better :)

​with love,
​Aor, Jane & Co

Choose Your LP(s):

(New World, The Legacy of Atlantis, Turn the Sun Off!)

Ships in Aug 2024

£90.00 £80.00 + shipping

New World LP

Ships in Aug 2024

£30.00 + shipping

The Legacy of Atlantis LP

Ships in Aug 2024

£30.00 + shipping

Turn the Sun Off!
Double LP

Ships in Aug 2024

£35.00 + shipping

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